Classic Floorball Academy kicks off in Singapore with star player Asser Jääskeläinen

Classic Floorball Academy will spread Finnish floorball know-how internationally. Classic are thrilled with the opportunity to grow the sport internationally. The journey begins in Singapore. The Academy was launched in November 2017, when Classic and TPS came to train with young Singaporean players as well as with Singapore Men’s National Floorball Team. The week full of floorball activities culminated in the historic game at Our Tampines Hub. The Classic-TPS game was the first ever official Finnish Floorball League game played outside of Finland’s borders. Now the Academy takes its next step by sending its first player to Singapore.

Knowledge transfer knows no borders

This spring, Singapore Men’s National Team player Siraaj Ramadhan trained with Classic for 1,5 months. Now Classic sends Mr Asser Jääskeläinen to train and coach local floorball players. He is the first player from Classic to go Singapore for an extended period of time.

“I am super excited. I have never been to Singapore or Asia before. I couldn’t attend the trip last November due to an injury, but now all is well”, Jääskeläinen says. “I am bringing with me Classic techniques for both individuals and for teams. I will train with the national team and with Singaporeans of all ages.”

Singaporeans are ready – with wish lists!

It has taken nearly a year to work out the details how to establish Classic Floorball Academy in Singapore and there is still work to be done. However, Classic Family and the Academy have been warmly welcomed in Singapore and fans are already eager to know what’s up next.

“I am looking forward to the arrival of the player”, says a local floorball player Reena. She says that last November’s school tours set the bar high, and players are now eager to learn more of Classic’s tactics and techniques. “I am hoping that the Finnish player would play in our local league and teach more on how we can develop as teams and as individuals.” Indeed, Asser will be looking to find aspiring team mates to play with him in Singapore Men’s Premier League.

Singapore Floorball Association has played a big role in getting things done locally. Grateful for all the help and the partnership, Classic Floorball Academy is sponsoring the first ever Women’s AOFC, held at Our Tampines Hub 18-23 June.