School clinics, Women’s AOFC2018, first ever Masterclass and much more!

What a great week it has been so far! On Tuesday and today we held floorball sessions for Damai Primary School’s players. Springfield Secondary School really worked up a sweat during a almost three (3!) hour session. And when no school clinics, we have been at the Women’s AOFC18! We were the official Event Partner and Sponsor of the AOFC’s, we are all really proud to help Singapore Floorball Association and the sport grow in the Asia Pacific.

Asser and Jami have been really putting their mind, body and heart into building our Classic Floorball Academy here in Singapore. Every day they wake up around 6 and only get to rest after 10pm in the evening. This has caused some funny incidents… Like the other day, when Asser and Jami were on their way to Damai, a funny thing happened in the bus… Read more after these pictures from Damai Primary!

Jami was getting ready to hop off the bus near Damai Primary school. Asser was busy with his phone, but he put it away in his back bag when the bus stop was approaching. In Singapore, you tap your bus card when you leave the bus. Jami tapped out and hopped off. He turned around and saw Asser, still in the bus, as the doors closed. Asser was waving and pointing at his bag as the bus took off. Jami shrugged, noticed he doesn’t have his own phone with him and started walking towards the next bus stop. After a while he saw Asser running towards him, panting that he had put the phone (and the case containing the bus card!) in the wrong pocket and that he couldn’t find it to tap out. Luckily they still managed to get to Damai in time!