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于2017年成立、不论是初学者或专业球员Classic Floorball Academy 能针对球员的需要提供课程与训练。将来、CFA打算为亚太地区的教练与球员提供集训营。CFA由亚洲开始通过分享floorball知识、技能和训练技巧提升各国floorball运动员的水平。之后,把计划扩展与全球.

The mission of CFA is to support the growth and development of international floorball by exporting the knowledge, skills and training techniques from Classic.

CFA’s first official event was held in November 2017 in Singapore. Two of the world’s best floorball teams, Classic and TPS, travelled from Finland to raise play a historic league game and raise awareness of the sport through workshops and several activities.

During their stay in Singapore, Classic and TPS held training sessions with the Singapore Men’s National Floorball Team. They also ran clinics for over 50 schools prior to the historic league game match. The event on 18 November was a culmination celebrating the sport, inspiring young players and demonstrating World Class floorball. CFA organised a specialist goalkeeping camp, where more than 100 young Singaporean goalkeepers were coached.

In the future, CFA will organise more training camps for coaches and players in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to traditional training and camps CFA uses modern sports technology tools to create better opportunities for communications between teachers, coaches and players.

Established in 1990, Classic Family is one of Finland’s oldest floorball clubs. Nowadays the Classic Family coaches players from 3-year-olds to World Champions. Classic comes from Tampere, “Manchester of Finland”. The team features current Finnish Champions (3 years in a row!) and overall of 5 current World Champions. The team is coached by Samu Kuitunen, who has also coached the Finnish National Team.