Classic comes from Tampere, “Manchester of Finland”.

The team features current Finnish Champions and overall of 5 current World Champions. The team is coached by Petteri Nykky and Samu Kuitunen, who also coach the Finnish National Team.

Classic was established in 1990 and nowadays the Classic Family coaches players from 3-year-olds to World Champions.

CLASSIC_Men 2017
CLASSIC Men 2017-18

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FUN FACT: The founder of Classic, Pasi Peltola, was at a friend’s bachelor party, soaking in a hot tub, when he decided to establish Floorball Club Classic.

Classic, the name of the team, originates from a jumper! Pasi Peltola and his right hand man Marko Ruponen sat down to think about a name for the team. Suddenly, one of the star players joined the meeting, wearing a jumper with a print “CLASSIC” on it. Mr. Ruponen had an epiphany and the rest is history.

Did you know? The game on the 18th November in Singapore is Classic’s home game!

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TPS was established in 1995 in Turku, the former capital of Finland. The team finished 4th in the 2016-17 regular floorball season in Finland. The men’s team includes World Champion Lauri Stenfors and several current U21 Finnish Champions.

TPS Men 2017-18

Take a look at TPS player cards HERE!

TPS Men’s team has a colorful history with lots of ups and downs but through hard work they have climbed up the ranks, challenging the current champion Classic in a historic game in Singapore!

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Classic vs TPS Singapore 2017 - Classic fans

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